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YC Artisan Market

Yellowcakeshop is proud to announce our new YC Artisan Market-an online market place for the best local handmade brands and businesses that Yellowcake proudly supports. We’ve launched with a modest offering of a specially curated group of our three favorite brands within the beauty, accessory, and baked goods spaces. Our initial focus is to highlight and promote minority or female owned brands with an attention to detail, artistry, and unique concepts. We will be adding new artisans monthly as interest and demand grows.

Trust that the vendors within our new marketplace are those that we know well, have supported ourselves for years, and guarantee the utmost quality. Join us in supporting and celebrating the best brands and artisans of our small business economy and women lead ingenuity with the YC Artisan Market!
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CHOATE - Matcha Peppermint Facial Cleanser
SASHA - Balance Bracelet
SASHA - Crescent Earrings
SASHA - Smile PRIDE Earrings
SASHA - Impact Bracelet
SASHA - Monochromatic Earrings
SASHA - Textile Bangle
SASHA - Colorblock Earrings
SASHA - Loop Knot Earrings
SASHA - Jollity Earrings
SASHA - Butterfly Knot Necklace
SASHA - Long Daisy Chain Necklace
SASHA - Simple Necklace