DESIGN: Our premium protective face masks feature wiring in the bridge of the nose and elastic at the base of the chin for a tighter seal across the face.
  • Medium: 6.25-6.5inches from nose to chin at center front, nose to ear is 5.75 inches
  • Large: 6.75-7 inches from nose to chin at center front and 6.25 inches from nose to ear. (this mask is typically requested by some of our male clientele or persons with a longer and wider face structure.)
SHIPPING:Due to increasing volume and demand, please allow approximately 5-7 business days after purchase for your order to be shipped. Once shipped you will receive a notification with tracking or local pick up instructions depending on your selection.
  • Most masks are machine washable and best cleaned with cold or warm water. Air dry reduce risk of shrinking. Wash as needed, interchange filters regularly optimal effectiveness.
  •  Because of the nature of the Designer Face Masks textile, we recommend handwashing with cool to warm water and air drying to maintain the quality of the fabric. Launder as needed, at the discretion of the user. Interchange filters regularly for optimal effectiveness.
REFUND/RETURN: Due to the nature of this product, all sales on face masks are final. As we are purchasing materials and hiring sewers based on the volume we accrue, we are not able to offer refunds. Thank you for your understanding.
BULK ORDER: Essential business bulk pricing available starting at 150 units. We can accommodate up to a 10,000 unit request. Lead times vary upon material availability.



This shoelace hack can help adjust the size of your mask! Watch our how to video below.

Get your shoelace HERE. (You will get one shoe lace, not a pair as only one is required to perform this hack)