Our Story


Yellowcake is the signature line of women’s outerwear and accessories designed and crafted by artist and Project Runway alumna Valerie Mayén. Her garments are handmade in the United States with a keen attention to detail, superior construction, and timeless design. Every purchase made supports Yellowcake's larger mission to alleviate social issues and environmental challenges here and abroad.


As a brand, our aim is to produce high-quality, luxury pieces that provide value for the consumer and a better life for all those who inhabit our world.

We do this by:

Handcrafting all of our products in the USA, which allows us to ensure that the quality we intend is the same quality that you receive.

Enacting everyday practices that reduce our carbon footprint, lower our contribution to textile waste, and educate others about these causes.

Supporting our neighbors through donations of time, resources, and skills to local and global non-profit initiatives.


We have a small team of three stitchers based in both Cleveland and Chicago, who work primarily out of their home studios to sew the garments from our main collection once trained accordingly. Whenever possible, we provide sewists with new machines, equipment and tools to help improve their processes and the capacity to work from home and be their own boss. Each follows a sustainable plan to pay off their equipment with no added interest, allowing them to own their materials outright and grow at their own pace.

At our studio home base, Valerie can be seen sketching, patterning, and prototyping new designs, planning out the Yellowcake calendar, meeting with clients one-on-one, sewing custom garment orders, and much more. We also love to host events at our studio, which doubles as a showroom for the full Yellowcake collection.