Tiger King Protective Facemask

Tiger King Protective Facemask

$26.00 USD


Our sparkling cheetah sequins 3 layered mask will keep up your spirits and keep you compliant. You wanna be a little extra while keeping that 6ft and flattening the curve? We gotchu. 

This mask is made from a mesh backed cheetah print sequined material. The interior is ponte double knit so it’s soft and comfortable. 

Our “tiger king“ comes complete with 1 PM2.5 carbon filter. To decide between medium and large, simply measure from the center or bridge of your nose to just below your chin. Our medium mask measures between 5.75 and 6 inches from the center of the nose to the base of the chin. Our large mask measures approximately 6.75-7 inches from the middle of the nose to the base of the chin. Our large mask is also about 1 inch wider across the face than our medium mask.

this mask is reusable and washable. Because of the nature of this textile, we recommend handwashing with cool to warm water and air drying to maintain the quality of the fabric. Launder as needed, at the discretion of the user.

because this is a limited edition mask, quantities are, you know- limited :). We do require 4 to 6 days to complete these masks before shipping. Once shipped you will receive a notification with tracking or local pick up instructions depending on your selection.

Thank you for supporting our local handmade business. Your purchase helps us to keep 30+ men and women sewing safely from their homes, employed, and earning an income to feed their families in this time.