Standard Protective Face Masks- personal purchase

Standard Protective Face Masks- personal purchase

$14.00 USD


***Please note- Due to increasing volume and demand, please allow approximately 4-6 business days after purchase for your order to be shipped.

these masks will come in white, beige, gray, or black. At this time we cannot take special requests for color as we can only make these masks in the fabrics we have available to us as they become available. Supply is extremely short right now so we do ask for your flexibility and understanding in the color that you receive. At this time we do not accept returns of masks unless there is a manufacturer defect. As we cut each mask to order, all sales are final.

***Essential business bulk pricing available starting at 150 units. We can accommodate up to a 10,000 unit request. Lead times vary upon material availability. ***


Size guide:

We encourage you measure yourself before you buy! We all have different face shapes and sizes so please measure and determine which selection would best suit you.

-our medium size measures 6.5 inches from nose to chin at center front, nose to ear is 5.75 inches (this is our most widely purchased mask)

-our new large size measures 7 inches from nose to chin at center front and 6.25 inches from nose to ear. (this mask is typically requested by some of our male clientele or persons with a longer and wider face structure.) 

Yellowcake has worked in conjunction with Case Western Reserve Think Box to develop reuse-able face masks. The design focuses on comfort and safety while still being sanitary. The masks feature a pocket for extra filtration and are safely launder-able. 

Please note filter material is not included. If you would like to place a filter on the interior pocket of your mask we suggest the following:

1) HEPA filter material commonly used in vacuum bags

2) filter material from a furnace filter. Simply pull apart from the wiring and cardboard

3) clean unused swiffer sweeper dry cloths

Masks are machine washable best cleaned with cold or warm water. Air dry to reduce risk of shrinking. Wash as needed, interchange filters regularly for optimal effectiveness.  Some organizations also recommend double stick tape at the chin or under the eyes at the cheeks for an added element of protection and a tighter seal in the event that a mask may not fit as snug as preferred.

Purchase now for yourself or a loved one. Our goal is to get much needed supplies from our team's skilled hands into the hands of those who need them. 

If you would like your masks to be sent to a specific facility please give us the name and address of the facility you would like them sent to.

All sales on face masks are final. As we are purchasing materials and hiring sewers based on the volume we accrue, we are not able to offer refunds unless your mask is defective. Thank you for your understanding.