BIJOUX - Cleopatre Triangle Earrings

BIJOUX - Cleopatre Triangle Earrings

$55.00 USD


Favourite earrings from the Bijoux Pépine clientele, they are the brand’s emblem. They inspire glory and fame like the famous queen of Egypt, hence their name.
The Cléopâtre earrings know how to be conspicuous, they will add punch to your short or tied hair, Ladies. Though formally imposing, they remain delicate and light.

— made with sand, spices, and/or natural pigments crystallized in resin
— rhodium metal, recommended for the most delicate of skin types
— light and strong jewelry

The jewel that you will receive will have exactly the same shape as on the photo. Since the manufacturing process is artisanal, there may be a slight difference in shade or texture with the photo. Each piece is unique.